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Success Stories

Companies who found The Better Way to Transportation Programs
and Commuter Services

Below are a few scenarios of Meadowlink clients who have found a better way. A better way to meet the challenges of identifying their transportation needs, developing transportation programs, implementing shuttle programs, as well as marketing and monitoring transportation service programs. These programs are identified, designed and implemented by working with each client. Meadowlink can help you develop a customized solution, just as we have helped so many others.

Our Verizon Employee Commuter Services Program serves 7,600 employees at 30 sites. Meadowlink visits each site twice a year, provides a quarterly newsletter – Commuter Update, develops and maintains a series of 4 posters highlighting commuter issues and produces targeted brochures for Verizon employees.
The Verizon package includes the following:
– Rideshare Program
– Advantage Vanpool Program
– Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program
– Preferential Parking Program
– Transit Information Services
Between 1997 and 2001 the number of participants in the GRH program increased from less than 100 to more than 500, carpools increased from about 40 to 140, vanpools to 14 and the number of people using public transit increased from about 50 to more than 400.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York (EROC)
Since 1992, Meadowlink has provided transportation information and brokerage services to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (EROC). Meadowlink assisted in the initial relocation of the company from New York City to East Rutherford, which affected more than 600 employees. As part of the relocation program, Meadowlink operated a transportation brokerage program that linked the New York City, Cranford and East Rutherford offices using a fleet of buses, vans and sedans.
Currently, we provide the following services for EROC:
– Shuttle Service linking Jersey City (Journal Square) to EROC
– Shuttle Service from Rutherford Train Station to EROC
– Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Hartz Mountain Industries
Meadowlink has worked with Hartz in establishing a shuttle route from the local train station to businesses in the Harmon Cove Industrial Park in Secaucus. Additionally, we work with Hartz tenants - businesses like Bowne Communications - in identifying and providing transportation services.
    Currently, Meadowlink operates shuttles from Newark and Paterson to Secaucus to help clients access jobs during the late night shifts.

Matsushita Electric Corporation of America (MECA)
Since 1990, we have been providing transportation information and planning services for MECA’s 2,000 New Jersey employees. Meadowlink conducted a Traffic Impact Study for MECA to analyze the impact of employee commute habits on traffic conditions during the midday hours. As part of our transportation information services program, we operate:
– A Rideshare Program
– A Guaranteed Ride Home
– Transit Information Services

Meadowlink currently provides shuttle services from both Jersey City and Newark that serve businesses in the industrial areas of the Meadowlands. Companies like GOYA Foods, located on Seaview Drive in Secaucus, can make these existing shuttles available to their current and prospective employees.
   Meadowlink can work with companies like GOYA to fill the gaps in an otherwise limited public transit system.

Meadowlink provides a seasonal transportation program for employees coming to work at Giants Stadium during the football season. Over 200 employees are provided transportation during off-peak hours from Jersey City, Newark and Union City.

Hackensack University Medical Center
Hackensack University Medical Center runs a shuttle program for its employees. This has helped the hospital reduce congestion in the parking area, provide more parking for patients and guests, and relieve traffic for residents in the area.

Meadows Office Complex
Meadowlink operates a shuttle service for businesses in the Meadows Office Complex in Rutherford that connects to the local Rutherford train station. The program is a unique partnership with the Borough of Rutherford, which provides the vehicle and insurance, NJDOT which pays for operating costs, and Meadowlink which provides the administrative support.

The Bank of New York (BONY)
Meadowlink operates a shuttle service for The Bank of New York from Jersey City to Lodi. The service operates during peak hours and at night. The night service connects Lodi directly with New York City.

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