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Programs and Funding Sources

Advance traffic Information
Timely faxed information on lane closures and major construction activities that impact your employees’ journey to work.

Transit Displays
Informational displays about ferries, trains, buses, and private carriers installed
and updated regularly at your work site.

Meadowlink’s AdVANtage program
Pays the cost of empty seats in newly formed vanpools for the first three months. In addition, Meadowlink helps obtain funding from the New Jersey Transit Vanpool Sponsorship Program ($150 per month for a standard vanpool, $300 per month for a van pool that travels on High Occupancy Vehicle lanes).

Transitchek® for Employers
The Transitcheck® program is the largest transit tax benefit incentive program in the
country. Your company can enjoy the benefits while providing employees a valuable service that they will appreciate. As a pre-tax benefit program, your employees can set aside a portion of their pre-tax salary to help pay for their commute. They save money by reducing taxable income while employers pay less in payroll taxes. The Transitcheck® program can be customized to work for your company and its employees.

Commuter Choice Employer
Employers that provide the right commuter benefits often have an edge in recruiting
and retaining good employees. By becoming a Commuter Choice Employer, your workplace can get the national recognition it deserves by being listed among the nation’s most progressive workplaces for commuters, a designation that gives you an edge on the competition.

Emergency Ride Home
Your employees never have to worry about getting home in the event of illness, a family crisis, or a late night at work. This program provides a taxi or sedan ride home in special cases for registered clients who car or van pool or who use public transportation.