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Financial Incentives

All of our programs are designed to relieve traffic congestion and improve mobility, so they come with strong financial incentives attached. The fact is we can serve your needs and help you profit from legitimate incentives. And we’ll take care of the paperwork.

Current programs include:

1) Federal income tax deductions of up to $65/month for employers, and up to $65 tax free income to employees who participate in Business Pass, a program which provides New Jersey Transit bus and rail passes at work sites.

2) Federal income tax deductions of up to $65/month for employers, and up to $65 tax free income to employees who participate in Transitchek, a voucher program for transit in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Transitchek is also available in the Delaware-New Jersey-Pennsylvania corridor. Talk to your employer about this program.

3) New Jersey State income tax credits are made available to firms that participate in Smart Moves for Business, a voluntary program to reduce Single Occupancy Vehicle trips among employees. Firms enrolled in the program can obtain credits of up to $100 per employee for costs associated with promoting transportation alternatives.

4) Challenge grants are avilable to New Jersey firms to develop innovative trip reduction programs. The New Jersey Department of Transportation has a budget of around $600,000 for challenge grants.

5) Subsidies of $300 per month per van-pool to employees of New Jersey firms who use High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on their commute to work, and $150 per month per van-pool for employees of New Jersey firms who use standard lanes. The driver gets to ride for free.

Call us about any of these programs. We can help you set up a program or talk to your employer about starting one.

The fact is that we provide win-win programs that benefit-- in very real and tangible ways --both employers and employees. If your company is not participating, suggest that they give us a call. There is no obligation, there’s nothing to lose, and there’s everything to win.




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