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Need a better way to get to work?

Meadowlink will help you find a better way by providing convenient and cost effective options to get to work. We help you find the commute solution that works for you. Maybe it’s a car or van pool, maybe a shuttle – possibly car sharing!

Your company might have a need to develop a comprehensive transportation strategy. Whether simple or complex, Meadowlink can do the leg work, the research, the planning to give businesses and employees just what they need. If you or several of your coworkers would like to investigate forming a carpool, vanpool or shuttle to work, let us know . We will either connect you to an existing program or create one for you.

Meadowlink Programs designed to get to work:

Free Shuttle Services.  If you think a shuttle is necessary, let your employer know and give us a call — we can help. We have shuttles that are currently running throughout northeastern New Jersey. If you and several employees are coming to work from the same area, let us know that as well. Because we can create a new shuttle whenever necessary. Visit the shuttles we currently have available.

Car and Van Pooling.  We have access to a statewide database of commuters interested in finding riders for car and van pools. We will match interested parties with similar commutes and work schedules and save you money in your commute to work.

Emergency Ride Home.  You never have to worry about getting home in the event of illness, a family crisis, or simply one of those late nights at work. The program provides a taxi or sedan ride home in special cases. This program is a special service for those who are registered users of the car and van pool service, or those who use public transportation.

Financial Incentives.  There are many ways that we can help you pay for your ride to work. See our shuttles, and financial incentives.

We welcome you to explore our web site and take advantage of the programs and options currently available to you. The simple fact is that it’s worth a call to Meadowlink if you have any question whatsoever – as to whether or not there’s a better way for you to get to work. Our job is to answer those questions and work with you to find the better way so contact us anytime.




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