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   Wood-Ridge, NJ  07075
   Tel - 201-939-4242  
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   Toll Free - 866-208-1307
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Riders for Car and Vanpools

Did you know commuting just 15 miles each way can cost as much as $4082.40 per year? Sharing a ride with just one other person can cut your commuting costs in half! Use the Commute calculator and find out how much you can save by carpooling.

How can Meadowlink help Get started?
Finding a ride is simple just fill out the Online form or call for personal assistance 1-866-208-1307. We’ll send you a free “matchlist” of potential riders whose commute is similar to yours and who want to share a ride. Meadowlink will help you get started and assist you along the way to make sure you have a pleasant commute.

Join Now!

The Benefits
Can save you as much as $2041.20 a year on your commuting cost.
Provides you with personal time to read, sleep, relax, listen to your CD, Ipod, have a conversation, and time flies by.
• Access to Emergency Ride Home Program by getting a ride home, free.

Carpooling Tips
Call the people on your matchlist and meet during lunch or for a cup of coffee.
Consider starting out on trial basis by carpooling one or two days a week.
Decide on schedules and pick-up points, agree on waiting times and side trips. Park-N-Rides are great meeting points. Park N Ride Locators
Establish a method of driving expense reimbursement.
Compile a phone list and agree on notifications procedures in the event of illness, mechanical trouble, weather conditions, or schedule changes that may interfere with your routine.
Check with your insurance agent for possible discounts on carpooling.
Stay in touch with Meadowlink. We can help you find replacements if members of your carpool drop out, or we can put in touch with new members even if you living or work arrangements change.




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